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Pou cache

Hello community,. When reading ARM arch. ref. manual v7, I've found two concepts; point of coherency (PoC) and point of unification (PoU). hi, experts: ARM ARM manual introduces a concept PoC and PoU for cache maintanance operations. Based on Cortex-A7 MPCore TRM and. Home > Caches > Point of coherency and unification The PoU for a core is the point at which the instruction and data caches and translation table walks of the.

According to ARM training materials: The PoU (Point of Unification) for a processor is the point (physical location within the hardware) where. Cache coherence protocols are becoming more advanced. Reduced .. IC IALLUIS: Instruction Cache Invalidate All to PoU (Inner Shareable). Requires prior. In systems with three levels of cache(PoU at L1 and PoC at L3), PoC cache flush instructions flushes L2 and L3 caches which could affect performance.

[RFC PATCH 2/2] arm Use PoU cache instr for I/D coherency. Ashok Kumar ashoks at Mon Dec 14 PST Previous message. Either PIPT or non-aliasing VIPT for D-cache. Meeting at the Point of Unification ( PoU). Controlled by attributes in the page tables. Memory type. If you want to cite this work based on last-level cache attacks on ARM, please cite the be the PoU in a system with a modified Harvard level 1 cache and.

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