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Emerald mod 1.8 download

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Emerald mod 1.8

Have you ever dreamed of emerald tools, armor or both?! This mod makes it possible! More than downloads!! Click here to get to the. Emerald adds Emerald Weapons and Emerald Tools 5 new tools (Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Shovel, Sword) Explore a new dimension An Emerald Battleaxe An Big. Hey Guys! My New Mod Is Ready! This New Awesome Mod Makes Emerald Even More Useful Because This Mod Adds Armors and Tools and Dimensions To .

A Minecraft (MC) Mod in the Mods category, submitted by blanking. Emerald is rare, but doesn't have that much purpose in vanilla Minecraft. This mod This mod really gives emerald a useful purpose in Minecraft. Try it out!. Minecraft: ELEMENTAL GEAR (ELEMENTAL WEAPONS, ARMOR, & TOOLS) Mod Showcase ยท Minecraft: ELEMENTAL ITEMS MOD (THE POWER OF THE.

Emerald & Obsidian Mod / If you want obsidian and emerald tools and armor, you are on the right place. For Minecraft

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