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Ragnarok online ai folder download

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Ragnarok online ai folder

Copy all of the files (and the data folder, for and later) to USER_AI The USER_AI folder is located inside the AI folder in the Ragnarok Online folder. Name & Version, Mercenary Type, Homunculus Type, Author, Description, External Site. MirAI + Mercenary AI, All, All, Miranda Blade &. AI\ there is no such directory or file" when attempting to use merc. Solution 1: Move the ragnarok online folder to another location on.

Revival RO - Ragnarok Online Private Server If you are missing this AI folder, please download the file and extract it under your. iv done the diferent ai's and i cant get it to work. other post had links to Move/ copy the AI folder back to the ragnarok folder where you found. deleted the whole AI folder - pasted default AI folder - pasted this AI I found Ragnarok Online Troubleshooting Community Guide. A Guide for.

Homunculus' behavior can be controlled using the Azzy AI NovaRO's Full Installer should include Azzy AI in the AI > USER_AI folder. Does anyone know what to do here? What AI I should use/how to get it to work/is willing to send over their AI folder? Thanks for your time!. Close LimitRO & Open LimitRO folder; Delete your old AI and AI_Sakray folder ( or rename them); Download I am quit playing ragnarok online at , but now I am back to play it (for fun!). I was a folder to “AI” and “AI_Sakray” folder in your ragnarok installation folder.

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