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Battle of surabaya animation download

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Battle of surabaya animation

Storyline. BATTLE OF SURABAYA recounts to you the adventure of Musa, a spontaneous, brave, Q: When Animated Feature Film Battle of Surabaya release?. Battle of Surabaya is a Indonesian animated war drama film, produced by MSV Pictures. It is directed by Aryanto Yuniawan and produced by M. Suyanto. Indonesian animated film Battle of Surabaya has been named Best Animation film at the Milan International Filmmaker Festival, which.

Today, I'm going to review an animated film that comes from my country, Indonesia, that most people don't really know. Battle of Surabaya. Introduction on the history of Battle of Surabaya, an animated film project from SMV Pictures. Produced by MSV Pictures, Indonesia Directed by Aryanto Yuniawan *for portfolio use only Scenes from the film.

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