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Mambo sauce recipe download

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Mambo sauce recipe

Theresa Varga wrote "The Italians may have their marinara and the French their bearnaise, but for many DC natives, the sauce that captures the flavor of home. This is a great, sweet sauce for fried chicken and/or fries. The sauce is reminiscent of the mumbo sauce found in Chinese carry outs in the DC area. Enjoy!. "Apparently, this sweet-and-sour condiment came to Washington D.C. via Chicago, where it somehow became a staple in Chinese take-out restaurants served as a condiment with fried chicken wings, among other things. Add soy sauce, grated ginger, and cayenne pepper. Dip into this spicy.

Get five people in a room and you'll get six recipes for mumbo sauce. It's one of those things that completely depends upon taste. But a HuffPo. In DC, you can't have wings without mumbo sauce-- but have you ever made it yourself? In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, we asked the. Although this isn't the exact recipe, says Capital City Mumbo Sauce co-owner Arsha Jones, it's one that has passed muster in our test kitchen.

A recipe for and instructions on how to make the sweet-and-sour sauce from Washington, D.C.

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