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Cities xl 2012 tram mod download

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Cities xl 2012 tram mod

XLN_NEXL_Transport_Trams_Vpatch (The tram mod) XLN_NEXL_Transport_Trams_UokiokBridges_v (Trams for Uokiok bridges). 1 Mar - 6 min - Uploaded by diScOpOlisCXL Mod: NEXL - Trams Author: NEXL Team Section: Transportation Download Link: http://xlnation. I'm starting this topic to make everyone aware that Cities XL is not dead NEXL - Trams - adds a fully functional tram network, roads with tram.

Transportation in Cities XL is broken down into 5 main categories: Roads (the main NOTE: The menu organisation is very different in the NEXL mod. means (cars and bicycles), and also for some Public transport means (Buses, Trams). I wonder if someone knows if there is a tram mod for XXL (which works, . I have original Cities XL for two-three years,so I download mods to game. I don't. JAMES ACKERMAN FOR PRESIDENT IN ! is not a real tram-network. I used one of yours pedestrian road and the mod "plopable train". I've an example in an other city: Image It's a custom tram ^^ It look like real but it doesn't move.

Cities XL Essential mods? Huge maps allowing to build large scale cities - CXL map size is 10km x (trams track in excavation) Waterstone .com/ albums/ab/Modelspoor/CitiesXL/Grenelake_zpsajpg Modding. official acceptance of making mods. official set of tools for moders. Most of my trams never hit a regular street, confined to trams limited roads. To build a tunnel: first get the tunnels and bridges mods, MODS.

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