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Usb advance hdd for ps2 slim download

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Usb advance hdd for ps2 slim

5 Sep - 3 min - Uploaded by techvision How to play games from USB HDD using Swap magic however w/o swapping a disk. Download. *NOTE* This is the ONLY way to have a hdd on a slim ps2 (that i Getting it to work with Swap Magic Disc and USB Advance/Extreme disc. The operating system of the PlayStation 2 Slim (PS2) can not access a USB hard drive. However, the the PS2 Slim can be modified with a USB.

Hi i need help from someone i have ps2 slim with broken lens and i want to play games from usb hdd or usb flash drive on my friends console i. But In PS2 Slim there are two USB ports given. Download it here); USB EXTREME tool (For formatting and installing games on HDD or USB. Stop the USB hard drive, and plug it in to the PS2 Slim. Insert the USB Advance CD in the computer, and wait for the USB Advance screen to.

Will expand upon the USB Extreme GUI interface software at a later date. [ Update ] Added new PS2 Slim USB Booting tutorials. Playing PS2 Games Of USB HDD On PS2 Slim. by Marco_Buns Sep 12, at iCEQB GBAtemp Advanced Fan. Member. 6. · Level 6. I would like to use my External HDD to play off PS2 games and I currently use a program known as USB Extreme on the PC which allows It is a disc to run games off a USB hard drive on ps2, which was released for slim. Burn the USB Advance program to a CD using the CD-burning program on your Stop the USB hard drive, and plug it in to the PS2 Slim.

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