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Logmein activex control download

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Logmein activex control

Under Windows Vista, Server or newer, User Account Control (UAC) will block the installation of LogMeIn's ActiveX control when logged into Windows as a. The LogMeIn ActiveX control plugin is a piece of code that tells Internet Explorer how to display your host computer screen in the Internet Explorer Window. This affects not only our ActiveX control, but many others as well. Note: LogMeIn Associates cannot assist with the removal the of Microsoft's Java Virtual.

Make sure all add-ons published by LogMeIn are enabled. Do the same thing after changing to "Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer." You should. How do I fix a 'Performance Viewer ActiveX Control' error? FAQ | 18 Removing this control from the local system and reinstalling it usually solves this problem. Locate the Performance Viewer ActiveX control and double-click it. Click Remove . Restart all instances of Internet Explorer. When you next connect to a host.

Plugin and extension-free remote control from browsers Use desktop Internet Explorer with ActiveX control to initiate sessions without downloading the. I ran into a problem with LogMeIn where I couldn't access my remote/target To remove the ActiveX control in Internet Explorer 6 of the client computer. an information bar at the top of this window - that the Technician Console add- on is required, click the bar and choose the "Install ActiveX Control" command. LogMeIn installs an ActiveX control the first time you do so, and this adds a lot of controls to make the session easier. It still works fine in the.

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