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The escapists santas sweatshop map download

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The escapists santas sweatshop map

Santa's Santa's Sweatshop Map Santa's Sweatshop is a DLC prison that was released on December 8th, Santa's Shakedown is a prison in The Escapists 2. . prison (December 13, ), the first being Santa's Sweatshop (December 8, ), and the second being. The Escapists Escaping Santa's Sweatshop! There is a tree at the top of the map. Santa's lap - Attend a prison visit(to the left of roll call.

Page 6 of the full game walkthrough for The Escapists. Boosting strength and speed is easy, there is an exercise yard on the bottom left corner of the map. This Achievement is earned with Downloadable Content 'Santa's Sweatshop'. After suffering Santa's cruel regime for 20 years, it's time you got back home to enjoy Christmas with your real family. Sick and tired of bad. The festive season is upon us and Team17 are bringing you an early Christmas present new free DLC for The Escapists on Xbox One, PS4.

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