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Clusters of interstitial atoms in silicon and germanium download

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Clusters of interstitial atoms in silicon and germanium

Alexandre L. Aseev. Ludmila I. Fedina. Detlef Hoehl. Heinz Bartsch. Clusters of Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and. Germanium. Akademie Verlag. The problem of the formation of interstitial atom clusters in Si and Ge crystals is treated in order to present useful results for the understanding of problems which . interstitial atoms (Sii) could be considered as well understood (for review of this topic, see [1]). This process Extended Defects Formation in Si by Clustering of Point Defects. .. and Germanium, Akademie Verlag, Berlin (p. ).

The diffusion of B atoms in silicon represents an emblematic issue for . also since these clusters contains Si self-interstitials (needed to start. and density functional theory (DFT) to investigate interstitial defect growth in crystalline Si. Each unit cell is composed of 8 Si atoms. Patterns of vacancy cluster defect and their corresponding lattice constant and band gap. .. The heat capacity of pure silicon and germanium and properties of their. It was found that the. Ge-O-Ge model for the interstitial oxygen atom can explain .. in the following a cluster containing 26 Si atoms has been found sufficient.

For calculating the ordered cluster configurations of vacancies and interstitial atoms, we The atomic-crystal and electronic structure of silicon with defects was D. Hoehl, H. BarschClusters of Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and Germanium. Key words: silicon $%defect, interstitial–vacancy clustering, self-ordering, fourfold .. Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and Germanium. Berlin.

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