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Chemical calculators - programs for pH calculation, solution preparation and concentration conversion, equation balancing, acid-base equilibrium, buffer and . Chemical calculators download - pH calculator, concentration calculator. Buffer Maker - the ultimate buffer calculator and pH calculator with built in .

About us. BPP logo. BPP Marcin Borkowski ul. Architektów 14 Marki. Lectures & questions: pH, concentration, equation balancing, stoichiometry. pH calculation lectures - description of the most general approach to the pH calculation of General case of every equilibrium calculation is always the same.

EBAS (Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator) download page. Download ChemBuddy for free. Cocoa/Objective-C chemical analysis and computation program; includes gas laws, solutions/solubility. Welcome to Chembuddy! Your chemistry companion. ChemBuddy is an open- source chemical analysis program for students, chemists, and hobbyists alike.

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