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Afnetworking image cache download

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Afnetworking image cache

Image Caching With AFNetworking. AFNetworking is one of the most popular open-source networking frameworks for iOS. You're probably already using it, but if you're not, you should consider it. One of the lesser-known features of AFNetworking is the ability to easily load an image from a URL to be used in a UIImageView. Images are cached on disk using standard NSURLCache built in iOS, meaning that if your responses include proper cache headers, those. Right. And if i wanted to use the UIImage+AFNetworking class that would be totally fine. public method for access to images cache #

If the image is cached locally, the image is set immediately, otherwise the specified placeholder image will be set immediately, and then the. In my case, I need set the ImageView with the same url but different image data. I tried to clear all the cache with following code: NSURLCache. AFImagecache: a memory-only image cache private to AFNetworking, subclassed off of NSCache. NSURLCache: NSURLConnection's default URL caching mechanism, used to store NSURLResponse objects: an in-memory cache by default, configurable as an on-disk persistent cache.

Disk Caching with AFNetworking ✍ And we're back, due to an overwhelming show of UIImage *image = [[UIImageView sharedImageCache]. I am using UIImageView+AFNetworking, which if you are unfamiliar, will at a later date, then the image will be dug up from cache, in memory. AFNetworking Caching Images using AFNetworking Category for UIImageView. Import the UIImageView+AFNetworking header and viola!. Loading Images from the Network with AFNetworking nil if the image is cached if imageResponse!= nil { print("Image was NOT cached, fade in image") self.

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