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Study materials for tkt yl download

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Study materials for tkt yl

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is developed by Cambridge English. Language materials for teaching English to young learners. When looking at. Information about how to prepare for TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), including links to official preparation materials. TKT: YL (Young Learners) Part 1: Overview – Trainer's notes. Description TKT: YL Part 1 focuses on knowledge of young learners and principles of teaching.

An overiew of TKT, content of TKT, syllabus of Modules , sample tests and answer keys. TKT Glossary. An alphabetically arranged glossary of English language teaching (ELT) terminology. Syllabus of TKT Young Learners. view all. TKT: YL is a specialist module of the Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) that focuses on teaching young learners aged This hour. TKT: YL (Young Learners) Part 2: Providing support and challenge when selecting and supplementary materials to support and challenge children's learning.

Materials to help your students prepare for the Teaching Knowledge Test. differences between teaching young learners and adults are summarised in the .. supplementary materials including young learner materials found on the web. Transcript of tkt young learners. TKT: YL what is tkt: yl? Teaching Knowledge Test - Young Learners TKT: YL online materials and forums. 1 TKT: YL (Young Learners) Part 2: Using additional resources- Trainer s notes Description This session covers the syllabus area of selecting, adapting and.

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