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Nuget 1.7 download

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Nuget 1.7

Release notes for NuGet including known issues, bug fixes, added features, and DCRs. CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild Create New NuGet Package From Project After Each Build. Automatically creates a NuGet package. aparicioarquitectura.comer The TypeScript compiler. There is a newer version of this package available. See the version list below for details.

, 23,, 4 months ago. , , 4 months ago. , 5,, 4 months ago. , 11,, 6 months ago. , 21,, 7 months ago. slf4j-api slf4j-apijar converted to a DLL using IKVM. Package CLI; Paket CLI. Install-Package slf4j-api -Version. aparicioarquitectura.comity Transitional aparicioarquitectura.comity. Transitional package, you can remove and directly use nuget package ID

BravoCoreLibrary Bravo Core Library. This library utilizes the SharePoint REST api as an object model. There is a newer version of this. JamaaSMPP Jamaa SMPP Client is implementation of the SMPP protocol that focuses on providing an easy-to-use and robust SMPP client library . Word NetOffice Word API, Wrapper Assemblies for accessing MS Office Word. Package CLI; Paket CLI. Install-Package. Core AngularJS Core. See the AngularJS.* packages for other Angular modules. Package CLI; Paket CLI. Install-Package AngularJS.

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